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Old School
7 January 2008

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Twigs In Blue
27 December 2007

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The Blues
16 December 2007

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Little Mermaid
4 May 2005

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City Scape
18 September 2004

Recent Comments

mvodak on Glass Swirls
brilliant conceptual work. respect.

danthro on My Only Fan
good shot. well composed.

Travis Singleton on Moon Scape
Bob. You got it. The picture is a close up shot of the ceiling. Wrong room, but no worries. I know if Gabby was to look ...

Bob on Moon Scape
Well it looks like my complexion when I was 16 .... but i'm guessing it's the ceiling in your Dining Room.

Travis Singleton on Moon Scape
Hmmmm. Any more ideas?

Gabby on Moon Scape
Looks like either flour or icing sugar...maybe on a counter top??

Ashrita on Moon Scape
Is that a wall?

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